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the perfect Spritz at your fingertips.

SPREZZA is a dry, bubbly and refreshing Italian spritz made by combining aromatized wine from Piedmont, bold cocktail bitters, mineral water and carbonation. In the 1950s a handful of aperitivo producers in northern Italy experimented with carbonating and bottling their aromatized wines. When we discovered this lost Italian art we were inspired to give it new life. Like the original pioneers, we use only the finest natural ingredients. No artificial flavors, preservatives or anything else. This is Sprezzatura in liquid form.


styles of Sprezza

SPREZZA comes in two styles: BIANCO and ROSSO. Stylishly Italian in design, these stunning cans offer a convenient and refreshing libation whether poolside, beachside, boatside or just relaxing at home. Both are naturally gluten free, low in sugar, low in calories and properly carbonated. SPREZZA is the perfect aperitivo at your fingertips anytime, anywhere.


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a canned spritz born from collaboration


Scrappy’s Bitters was founded on the simple idea that bitters could be made better. By selecting the finest ingredients possible and holding every batch to the same impeccable standards, we deliver a bolder, truer flavor, making the best bitters for the best bartenders.


Mancino Vermouth was created to return artisanal production methods and quality to Italy’s most important aperitif category. This exceptional vermouth blends the finest wines, botanicals and spirit to create a truly authentic Apertivo for discerning drinkers.